AMMA Membership

To Join call: 1-800-946-4501 or 1-586-806-5858

By becoming a Member of our Democratic Society for the Patriotic Advancement and Public Awareness of the Medicinal Benefits and Industrial Uses of the Sativa and Indica Cannabis Plant, We The People can make a difference In The Pursuit of Happiness, without Pain for Americans.

As a Patient and/or Caregiver Member, we want to keep you Safe…Legal…Wise…Happy…Free! As soon as we obtain confirmation of your Membership we will begin sending you our Exclusive Learning Center and Orientation Program {LCOP} explaining the Michigan Medicinal Marihuana Act and Program Guidelines and Regulations and discuss how we may best serve you.

For your convenience we have experienced, knowledgeable Counselors available personally, to answer all your personal questions and concerns as well as an on call attorney to assist you with any cannabis related legal issue.

Patients: We have properly licensed, screened, qualified and compassionate caregivers to assist in the farming, cultivation and administration of your therapeutic medicinal requirements and discretionary individual and personal selection.

Caregivers: We will assist in supplying you with the state limit of five (5) licensed MMMP patients required for the legal arming, cultivation, distribution and supply of medicinal grade cannabis.

To Join Call 1-800-946-4501 or 1-586-806-5858


Please understand we do not have Carte Blanche within The Michigan Medical Marihuana Law MCL 333.26421 which clearly states: 1. NO PUBLIC USE. 2. A Patient can possess and store 2.5 ounces of Dried Usable Material, in an Enclosed Locked Facility. 3. A Patient CAN NOT SMOKE OR DRIVE under the influence or Exchange Medical Marihuana Medicine, in a Public Place.

Please let us show all due respect to Law Enforcement Officials who put their Lives on the Line every day, for the general good and welfare of the Public. Thank you.


A Caregiver is Limited to a maximum of 5 Patients { Including Yourself } and a Total of 60 Plants. A Caregiver can also be in Possession of 2.5 Ounces of Dried Usable Material per Patient or a Total of 12.5 ounces. The MMMA Law prohibits any Public Use. Parking Lot / Trunk Transfers are illegal in any Public Place. The Law is clear, Storage, Cultivation and Possession is to be done In An Enclosed Locked Facility. Henceforth, Medical Marihuana Distribution should also be conducted in Private as Medical Information is Confidential and Protected under the Federal HIPAA Law Statute. All MMJ businesses must be conducted, IN AN ENCLOSED LOCKED FACILITY. We advocate ALL MMJ Business to be conducted in a Medical Environment Facility.

With the most comprehensive Membership Services available, you can be confident you will be receiving the most professional and Legal Services possible. Only you can prevent yourself from being Arrested and Charged with a Drug Crime.