AMMA Services

The American Medicinal Marijuana Association provides services dedicated to keeping its members Safe …Legal … Free ! to enjoy the Privileges and Constitutional Legal Protections under the State of Michigan Law MCL333.26421. By becoming a Member of our Democratic Society for the Patriotic Advancement and Public Awareness of the Medical and Medicinal Benefits and Industrial Uses of the Sativa and Indica Cannabis Plant, you can too:

We have experienced knowledgeable Counselors to answer all your personal Questions and an on call Attorney to assist with any Cannabis Legal Problem.

Call 1-248-277-2482

Respect Earns Respect.

Please understand, if we are to succeed in Michigan with Professional Medical Cannabis Compassionate Care in Safe Transfer Stations we must act peacefully and responsibly in accordance with the Law we are Licensed under.

In over 90% in Arrests of Patients and Caregivers nationally, these Defendants were not functioning or knowledgeable of the Rules of Law under which, they were licensed. Please understand, The Michigan Medical Marihuana Act is all about, No Public Use!

Within the Rights of Freedom come Legal Responsibilities.

Please demonstrate all due respect to Law Enforcement Officers who put their Lives on the Line, for the Public. Please Secure, Transfer or Ingest Medication in an Enclosed Locked Facility in your Trunk, in a Medical Facility or at Home, Not on your person or inside your vehicle or in any Public Place.

No Parking Lot / Trunk Transfers

If you do not perceive and understand the Law for which you were licensed under specific State Law, please join our Members, Learning Center and Orientation Program or LCOP. Know your Rights and Responsibilities under the Law.

Be Safe…Be Legal…Today

May God Bless America the Beautiful, Home of the Free, Home of the Brave.