Patient Certifications

American Medicinal Marijuana Association provides a statewide accepted process to obtain a physician’s certification for the application with the State of Michigan to legally possess, use and grow medical marijuana in Michigan.

Our Clinics offer State Board Certified Physicians recommendation for obtaining the Michigan Medical Marihuana Patient Card, under Law Michigan Medical Marihuana Act MCL 333.26421, for State Qualified Conditions, as well as Pain Management Patients. We provide both original certifications and renewals to qualified patients.

Our Medical Marihuana Certification includes our Exclusive Membership Services, the most comprehensive Patient / Caregiver Program available in Michigan, Med Membership and an AMMA T-Shirt.

We The People are at only 135,000 Patient / Caregiver Certifications in the State of Michigan out of the 4,300,000 Constituents who voted to make our Historic Law possible. Because of these low numbers our Elected Officials are not taking US seriously.

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