Operating While Impaired Charges

The Michigan State Police spent 40% of their Budget in 2020 on a Marijuana Swab Test to Test Marijuana Drivers under the influence of marijuana. Now all municipality Police Departments are asking Traffic Violators, Accident Drivers and whereby the odor of marijuana is detected in Driver’s compartment, are you under the influence of Alcohol or Marijuana? If you answer yes, Law Enforcement Officer’s can legally Swab you for Marijuana use. You may test positive for Marijuana Use because Cannabis stays in your system for 30 to 45 Days.

According to our Attorney Michael Komorn of Komorn Law the OWI Swab Test cannot accurately determine the amount of THC in your system. Nor can the Swab Test determine how much THC is making you impaired.

We recommend transporting marijuana in your trunk where it doesn’t dissipate any tell tail odors. Do not smoke in your vehicle.